Repairs & Servicing


At Rainbow Mobility Tenerife our professionals can repair most makes of mobility scooters and powerchairs in the market. We can also repair the following equipment:

  • Wheelchairs ( Manual and Electric)
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Walkers
  • Electric Scooters

The time we take to repair your mobility equipment will depend on what needs to be repaired. We try to keep common parts in stock to avoid any delays in the process, however, if there are parts we need to order, we will let you know up front and in some cases, we’ll provide you with a  courtesy scooter at no extra cost when repairs take longer than 48 hours.


Servicing & Maintenance

Rainbow Mobility Tenerife recommends a yearly service for mobility scooters and powerchairs. We provide the following services:

  • Quick service: We make sure common parts like brake, batteries, steering wheels are in good working order and we also carry out basic maintenance which includes greasing and lubricating of all moving parts.
  • Full service: We perform a full diagnosis like testing the batteries, brakes, motor, steering wheel and all electrical and mechanical parts to make sure everything is in good working order and we also carry out full maintenance which includes full cleaning as well as lubrication of all moving and electric parts.
Maintenance & Servicing

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